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You Can Influence Education Innovation & Reform with the Help of the PCE Bill Tracker

PCE's 2012 Priority Bill Tracker is Here! - Get Involved by Contacting your Legislators!

The PCE Bill Tracker is finally here! This is our priority list of education bills for the 2012 legislative session. It includes all bills initiated by PCE, as well as the bills we are both actively supporting and opposing.

There have been 120 Education bill requests by legislators this session. We select the bills for our tracker based on the PCE Policy Principles reflective of our mission and values. We focus our efforts on those policies with the most potential for shifting the paradigm to place the needs of students ahead of systems.

PCE Policy Principles:
  • Increasing Choice
  • Empowering Parents
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Efficiency in Funding
  • Promote Quality Instruction
  • Promote Innovative Solutions

Use the interactive Bill Tracker below. By clicking on the bill number it will take you to the documents page where you can read the bill text and follow the status. You can also sign up for WebWatch to be notified of changes to the status of any bill. (Sign-up for WebWatch for any bill at the bottom of the bill summary page.) We will continue to keep the bill tracker up-to-date on our website so be sure to bookmark THIS PAGE in your browser or go to choiceineducation.org to follow the actions taken on each bill.

Watch closely for our Action Alerts requesting your help on the most urgent issues. We encourage you to actively communicate with your elected officials throughout the session about the education policies that are important to you. As constituents, we must hold our legislators accountable - they are your representatives on the Hill!

WE ARE TARGETING House Bill #147 AS OUR #1 BILL TO DEFEAT! This bill would repeal our biggest school choice victory last year, the Statewide Online Education Program! It stops the funding from following the student to the course of their choice and places the power back into the hands of the system. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please start contacting your legislators now and ask them to oppose HB147. Don't let them undo the law that empowers students and parents with choices!

        ACTION ITEM          


Start contacting your legislators today about the bills you support! The education establishment has an internal army protecting both the system and their interests. We need your help to protect the interests of students.

  • Call and email your Senator.
  • Call and email your Representative.
  • Please forward this email to friends and family.

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Go HERE to find your Senator and HERE to find out who your Representative is, their contact info, and tips on communicating with them. Use these links to find the contact information for all SENATORS andREPRESENTATIVES. 

Senate Chamber (801) 538-1035
House of Representatives Chamber: (801) 538-1029
You can call the Senate and House Chamber numbers and leave a message
that will be taken directly to the legislator.

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Remember, when contacting elected officials, 
it's appropriate to be firm, but always  be respectful.

Go HERE for the Bill Tracker 

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