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Featured Scholarship Student

3rd Place John Isham

Hello, my name is John.

I think this scholarship has done a lot for me.  I wouldn't be here if I didn't have the scholarship. And I really like this school because in the other schools I went to, it was a lot harder to do work and this school is right at the level I am.  So I am so happy that I have this scholarship because it lets me be able to come to this good school that I'm in right now.

I really like this school because the math and science and all the other subjects are so much funner.  And I love the parties because they are so much fun.  So I feel so much better in this school.  And that's how I feel about New Horizons Academy.

When I grow up I want to be a pro-skater like Rodney Mullen.  Because I think Rodney Mullen is awesome.  I also want to be a pro football player. And that's what I want to be like when I grow up.  So that's why I'm so thankful for the Carson Smith Scholarship.

John W. Isham


3rd Place Lindsie Garza

My name is Lindsie Garza and I attend New Horizons Academy in Brigham City, Utah.

I am 17 years old and have been attending school here for three years. 

In the past school was always very difficult for me and I did not do well in school.  I was always more concerned with fitting in and doing things to get in trouble rather than worrying about my education.

There have been some events in 2009 that would have made me drop out of school because I could not afford the tuition.

I am very thankful for the Carson Smith Scholarship because now I can concentrate on my education and set goals for the future.

2nd Place Joshua Grover

Imagine trying to teach a bright child with whom you could barely communicate.  Imaging trying to teach a bright child who seemed to pay little attention to you.  Imagine the bright child was yours, and you watched teachers for years, without success.

Our son with autism has moved between public, private, charter, and home schools just about every year of his academic life...searching for someone who would be able to address his unique gifts and special needs.  The Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship gave us much needed freedom to explore educational options without bankrupting our family.  Moreover, private schools now have an incentive to give commensurate attention to those with special needs.  From our perspective, it's the best educational decision our state government has ever made.

3rd Place Jaclyn Tesch

Our 10th foster child was a 5lb little girl.  She came into care because of drug abuse while her birth mom was pregnant with her.  We adopted that darling little girl.  Her name is Jaci and she is a fun tender-hearted girl with a lot of love for everyone.  Jaclyn is 10 years old; she has been a Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship recipient for 1/2 of last school year and the entire 2009-10 school year.  What lead us to the Ogden Valley Montessori School and the Carson Smith Scholarship was when Jaclyn came home defeated from public school. She said "I am the dumbest person alive and everyone is smarter than me."  When her little sister in Kindergarten started sounding our words and Jaci could not, this was the last straw,  She had been struggling since first grade and now it seemed like she wanted to give up.

We were so worried about her and we wanted her to be happy and feel successful in her learning.  We looked into several different options and were very excited when we discovered the Montessori School, until we saw the price.  It was a great relief to find the Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship.

2nd Place Micheal Grove

If I did not have the Carson Smith Scholarship I would not be at Layton Christian Academy.  This Scholarship helps my Mom and Dad to be able to afford to put me in a school that is much smaller.  I can get better help with my (ADHD, RAD, social and anger problems).

I like Layton Christian Academy because the teachers and staff care about make me be a better person and taking responsibility for my actions.  I also like that I have after school activities in sports.  It makes it fun to be there. (LCA)

I want to be someone that people like, respect, and be around.  I'd like to make a lot of money so I can pay back my parents who helped me be a better persons and like myself.  I would also like to help other kids that struggle like I do.

Michael Grove
Age 10

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